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Tips for Zumba Newbies 
Wear loose, comfortable clothing that BREATHES. You WILL work up a sweat. If you want to start off with a jacket or sweatshirt, that's okay, but be prepared to get HOT!!
Wear PROPER SHOES --- cross training shoes, "court" shoes, aerobic dance shoes and dance sneakers (the ones with the round pivot point on the ball of your foot, but not those with a split sole) are good. DO NOT wear running shoes, as they have treads that are too deep and grip the floor too much, risking knee injury. Even if you have old sneakers with well-worn treads, choose those over running shoes.
Drink PLENTY OF WATER before, during and after class. Hydration is very important!!!
Don't get too worried about the dancing. You don't need to be a dancer to take Zumba®. If you love music, I think this is for you. We are not judging your salsa skills! We are all at different levels & we are all coming together to have a good time and get fit!
POSTURE IS VERY IMPORTANT.  You want to prevent any potential injuries.  Also, if you have proper posture, you will work your body more efficiently. You will especially feel it in your abdomen. Think of good posture constantly and it will become second nature. Whether you are walking, sitting, or using your computer, pay close attention to your posture. It's like a continued exercise, plus good for preventing future problems.
Do not get frustrated that you are not getting the steps right away. Again, this is NOT a dance class. Hearing the music, seeing the steps more than once and just jumping in is great for you to start getting better. You will surprise yourself one day. Get the music into your body and just have FUN!!!! Zumba® is all about having FUN while getting FIT!!! There are NO MISTAKES in Zumba®!!! As long as you're BREATHING, as long as you're MOVING, as long as you're HAVING FUN, you're doing Zumba® correctly!!! One thing that is so great about Zumba® is that you can do your own thing - you don't have to copy me, I'm only an option. Move the way you want to the music - remember: Zumba® is like a dance party! You are doing exercise in disguise!
Listen to your body. Go at your own pace.  If you feel tired or out of breath, slow down. Don't use your arms or take it down a notch. Your body needs to build up endurance and strength, don't expect to be able to do it all right away.  Do not try to move like anyone else.  Do what's comfortable for you. Y ou can modify any exercise to your personal comfort level. If you can't perform a certain move, just march in place - it's a CARDIO workout so keep that heart rate going. DO NOT STAND STILL.


Tips for all Zumba® Participants       
The only rule is to HAVE FUN! Enjoy the music and the freedom of movement.
Please remember: It takes a while to master anything new. Do not get discouraged if seems overwhelming or if you can’t get the steps the first time. After 3-4 classes, you will start to remember the basic steps. You should be proud of yourself!
Zumba® Fitness uses “dance-inspired” steps, no need to be perfect or self-conscious. People often worry about not having any rhythm or feeling uncoordinated. All you need is to like to dance or moving to music. We are often our own worst critics. Come as you are and enjoy yourself. Nobody is judging.
You don’t have to move like the instructor! Just move like how you are comfortable and soon you’ll find your own style. Keep in mind that your instructors have had hours of practicing the same song over and over so that you can follow the steps.
Shake, shimmy, booty shaking and pelvic tilts. All of these fun movements are working muscles that you don’t normally move.
If any of the steps hurt, stop doing it. Find an alternative step or modify the steps that don’t feel good. It is always a good idea to let your instructor know if you have an injury so that she can give you some modifications to avoid aggravating your injury.
If you need some joyfulness in your day, find a Zumba® class. It will make you smile, giggle, be silly and tell everyone you know about the great party you went to!